We are here to assist the community and make life better, so families can live healthier lives. Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial has so much to offer the community and among the many things are our three wonderful programs. Infant burial assistance, mental health and pre-post maternal healthcare. These are three great programs that are needed in the community to assist with decreasing infant and maternal mortality, as well as mental health in the United States. We see each of these programs as being beneficial and unique in its own way.

Our organization wants to ensure that we do all we can to combat this deadly matter that has caused more than enough of infants’ and mothers’ lives.  In order to do this, we have to implement programs that will touch on the issue at hand in a direct way. Therefore, we advocate on every level to combat this problem.

Infant and maternal mortalities are growing more and more by the day. Many lives have been taken by this overlooked issue for far too long. CDC states, that over 21,000 infants and 800 mothers die each year; however, 80 percent of these lives are preventable. This percentage is unacceptable and cannot continue to increase. When it comes to mental health many families are traumatized and distraught from the unexpected loss; therefore, treatment is needed for the family. Although many families including the mother will speak against not believing they need treatment. Often, times families want to push past the experience as quickly as possible due to the heartache and pain associated with the loss. to ignore the hurt inside.

There are many things that a mother needs when she becomes pregnant to care for herself and her unborn child. Many don’t understand all that takes place when a woman becomes pregnant, but a woman’s body goes through many changes there are so many that she wouldn’t be able to name them all if she tried. This is what makes pregnancy so unique and why each pregnancy should be treated as its own. There are no two pregnancies alike even if a woman has multiple children each pregnancy will still be different. Meanwhile, there is one thing that remains the same for each pregnancy, which is prenatal care. Every woman should make sure she takes extra care of herself and gets the medical care needed because her baby is depending on her. There are no if and or but about her healthcare regimen. She must stay on track 100 percent.

Unfortunately, the next program is not one that anyone wants to discuss but it deserves a meaningful and detailed conversation. Many families are lost and don’t know where to turn when they experience a loss of this type. Sadly, burial insurance is not available with some companies for infants under 16 days and for others 30 days and under. Infant mortality is real and happens more than many realize. It would be nice to say all pregnancies have happy endings but that wouldn’t be true because many do not. When a low-income family endures an infant loss from 20 weeks gestation to 12 months of age Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial will assist the family with burial expenses. We look at it as us being the point of contact for the family. These families need someone to act on their behalf. It is known that many families are living in underserved areas living from paycheck to paycheck; therefore, no funds are left to bury their infant if they are to experience an unexpected loss.

Therefore we ask for donations because these programs are needed greatly in the community.