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Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are strong believers that families have the ability to succeed. Our services and activities are designed to help families reach a level of inner calmness and fulfill their highest potential. We are an organization that support and love seeing families get better from any hardship they face. Our services provide families with the ability to understand the true meaning of grief and obtain knowledge that is needed about infant mortality in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial helps the entire family on every level. We dont just assist and want the parents to benefit, we want the entire family to be healthy. Join us and see how you can help impact families lives also.

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Our Services

Impacting the Lives of Families Since 2017

Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial is more than just an organization that assist families provide burial for their infant or help grief stricken individuals but we are also an organization that provide community service for children.  At Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial, we care about what we do and strive to empower the lives of youth in Alabama, mainly in the Jefferson County area. Through our wide range of programs and more to  come. We help shape our youth into young leaders of the future so they walk out of our doors prepared to take on whatever comes their way along with taking techniques to cope with after the loss of a loved one. Take a look at our variety of services, and learn more about everything we have to offer.


Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial empowers youth in the community. We love the youth so much that we established our own community service for youth ages 12 years old to college age. You will be visting local maternity and NICU (everyone will not visit NICUs for health reasons). Completing our application for high school student or college student is the first step and we will provide you with the rest. The applications are located above. Giving back to your community is very important and learning young only increases the opportunities for so many doors to open up in your life.


Building a Better Future

Since 2014, our goal has been to provide our assistance in the community by helping other organizations, when needed. Our volunteer service is centered around three key things which are unity, love and helping to improve the communities. Therefore, our organization doesn't only assist other organizations but we also "welcome" anyone that would like to volunteer with our organization to feel free to join us. Apply with Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial by completing a volunteer application and submit it to info@ klamemorial.org. Remember the doors are always open.


One Day at A Time 

Our healing support group - Stand by Us main goals are to teach grief stricken individuals coping techniques and how to live a healthy life after the loss of a loved one. Our group goes a step further and assist those that are grief stricken due to the lost of a job, failed relationship, etc. There are many ways that a person can grieve and their are many things a person can grieve over. People are surprised and overwhelmed with the joy we bring into their lives with the coping skills. You are welcome to join us during any Women group meeting which is the 4th Thursday from 6pm to 7pm. Men are the 4th Thursday from 7:15pm to 8:15pm. Come out and be around like minded people. It is a wonderful experience. Coping and adjusting to any kind loss doesn't happen over night, it does take time.


News and Updates

Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial does a lot of research to bring the most reliable and accurate information to the public about infant mortality awareness, grief and healthy pregnancies. This information is vital to the public on all levels. Any woman that plans to have children should make sure she has done her research. It is the number one thing that any woman planning to have children should do and also pray about.

On the other hand individuals should learn the proper way to grieve, everyone doesn't know there is a proper way to grieve and do not know that it is a process and that it doesn't go away after laying their love too rest. Grief can stay with a person for years or even for a lifetime. Grief is also liable to cause major problems in a person life, if the pressure is not released instead of being suppressed within. Stay with us and sign up for our newsletter to be coming out soon.

Join us year round for our Annual Campaign Angels' Flying High.

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Join Our Annual Campaign Angels' Flying High.

Everyday an infant passes away for various reasons. Did you know if the baby is of a certain gestation age it is given back to the parents to be laid too rest? Right, a funeral for an infant. Many never think about this but it happens every day and it's traumatizing and heartbreaking. It can cause mental illnesses on many levels and even death for some parents. Unfortunately, nothing can be done until it is talked about and more awareness is shared, then a plan can be implemented with ways to reduce the number of infants that are lost daily. Did you know that many infant families are not able to bury their infant due to their financial situation? Have you ever thought about how much it may cost to bury an infant? Yes, it can be costly for an infant to be funeralized. No, infants do not have burial infant insurance. Many families are left clueless with their backs against the wall. This is where Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial comes into the situation. Burial of an infant is a process that has a very quick turn around time, meaning many infants are not imbombed and funds are needed immediately. If you do not believe what I am saying Read about it for yourself or ask an insurance representative about the "contestable period" then you will understand why our campaign is year round and why your continuous contributions are needed and greatly appreciated.


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