Emotional / Mental Health Support

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Any family or individual that is not able to obtain counseling due to no insurance, or income can receive emotional, mental health counseling, maternal mental health counseling. The issue doesn’t have to be grief for a client to receive counseling. Most of all mental health illnesses are allowed but check with the organization to be sure your illness is covered. Services are available to the public. We encourage emotional and mental counseling along with attending our healing support group and fun night. Contact the organization to obtain more information or the healing support groups available for women men and siblings.

Seek measures that will answer questions you may have about emotional and mental health counseling.

– Emotional/Mental Health Counseling

– Women Healing Support Group

Men Healing Support Group-

Holiday Game Night

– Abundance Journey Pregnancy Support Group

Anytime a change takes place; especially one that involves losing someone or something a person’s mental health is affected. The experience of parents and families losing an infant is no different. Many don’t speak or show their emotions due to how the world perceives grief. Grief is a process, and many don’t understand the proper way to deal with it.

Grief takes on several stages and is best if it is understood. It is very helpful for anyone that endures any form or type of loss or hurt to get a complete understanding of what grief means and consists of. Knowing will help you as you experience the different phases. There is nothing scarier than going through something and not understanding it. However, understanding grief allows you to understand yourself and gives you the assurance to know you are not crazy.

Once you know the stages and understand them it provides a clearer picture of your mood swings. It is possible to go from having a good day to having one of the saddest days of your life.