Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of underserved families by providing advocacy and education to help with pregnancy and mental health outcomes. By equipping families with services vital for health and healing:

  • pre-and post-natal resources
  • mental health and wellness support
  • infant burial assistance from 20 weeks to 12 months
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Heal from Your Hurt to Move Forward in Life
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Increase awareness

Over the past decade, U.S. infant mortality rates have been staggering at times, but it is still a major issue many families face. We aim to increase awareness so that no one has to face such a life-altering loss. Obtaining awareness is one of the most important things any woman can do before becoming pregnant. However, preconception is often forgotten.


We educate childbearing-age females with the knowledge needed for a healthy and happy birth and provide childbirth education to make sure a mother is going in the right direction before, during pregnancy, and delivery.  Empowering the woman that comes to us is also part of the education taught. A woman needs to have confidence in herself.

Burial Support

We offer financial support to mothers and their families, so the burden is so heavy to carry while dealing with the loss of a child. We also provide the emotional and mental support needed to move forward and heal. Healing is not impossible, but it does take time and can be done. A woman have to understand that she is not alone during this process.

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We provide preventative measures to childbearing-age females and Doulas are a great way to start preparing because no mother-to-be should ever make a decision for herself or her unborn child without being advised on the issue. The mother-to-be should feel comfortable with her understanding and the decisions to be made.

Staggering statistics

Know the facts on Infant mortality

U.S. infant mortality rates are higher than other nations0%
The mortality rate within the first 24 hours of life0%
Deaths occur within the first 72 hours of life0%
Percentage of deaths within the neonatal period0%
Deaths caused by SIDS0%
Deaths caused by SUIDS0%


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