Our Mission

Our mission is to educate families and foster positive childbirth outcomes while promoting mental well-being in the underserved Jefferson County, Alabama community. We aim to achieve this by offering educational programs on maternal, infant, and mental health, along with providing infant burial services.

We equip families with services vital for health and healing:

  • pre-and post-natal resources.
  • mental health and wellness support.
  • infant burial assistance from 20 weeks to 12 months.

Infant and Maternal Awareness

Over the past decade, U.S. infant mortality rates have been staggering at times and it is still a major issue many families face. We aim to increase awareness so that no one has to face such a life-altering loss. Being educated before becoming pregnant is one of the most important things women can do. However, preconception is often forgotten.

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We are dedicated to equipping women in their childbearing years with the essential knowledge for a joyous and healthy birthing experience. Our all-encompassing education program spans from prenatal care to postpartum assistance. Through our childbirth education classes, we ensure that expectant mothers are well-prepared with the necessary information on pregnancy and delivery. We firmly believe in empowering women to advocate for themselves and confidently express their needs during this transformative journey.

It is vital for women to be educated, especially during the critical times of childbirth, where many women of color face higher rates of maternal and infant crises. We strive to ensure that every woman seeking assistance is well-informed and receives the necessary support before, during, and after childbirth.

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Burial Support

The infant burial support offered by KLA Memorial aims to alleviate financial struggles and emotional burdens for mothers and their families during the difficult time of losing a child. Many are not aware that there is no infant burial insurance for infants under 30 days. However, we recognize the immense financial strain that many families face when having to lay their infant to rest. For some, this cost could push them to the brink of homelessness. Our assistance is designed to prevent additional hardships for families and keep them on stable ground. It’s important to remember that burying an infant can be just as costly as burying an adult and it doesn’t matter the age  an infant is when they are called home the family is still hurt from the loss.

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Healing Support

Having a reliable support system by your side during tough times is crucial, especially when navigating through grief. Grief can come in many forms such as the loss of a job, a marriage ending in divorce, the loss of dependence among other situations. Therefore, surrounding yourself with the right people can make all the difference in your healing process. At KLA Memorial, we are dedicated to providing our families with the necessary coping techniques to guide them toward a healthier and happier life. We offer counseling and support groups. It is important to choose a support system that motivates you positively and embark on your journey towards healing with us.

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Your donations are important.

Understanding the vital role of nonprofit organizations is essential for businesses and individuals alike. These organizations provide crucial support and resources that many businesses are unable to offer on their own. Donating to nonprofits is crucial as it enables them to continue running their programs and serving their communities.

Nonprofit organizations rely on a variety of funding sources, including individual donations, grants, and fundraisers. However, monetary donations are not the only way to support these organizations. You can also contribute your time, skills, and ideas to make a difference.

By giving back to nonprofits, you are amplifying their impact and helping them create positive change in the world.

Staggering Statistics

Know the facts on Infant mortality

U.S. infant mortality rates are higher than other nations0%
The mortality rate within the first 24 hours of life0%
Deaths that occur within the first 72 hours of life0%
Percentage of deaths within the neonatal period0%
Deaths caused by SIDS0%
Deaths caused by SUIDS0%
Let us empower you while strengthening your well-being toward a successful life.


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