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Our Mission

To assist, educate and provide awareness on infant and maternal awareness within underserved communities and among disadvantaged populations by providing preconception, prenatal, postnatal resources, emotional and mental health support to families and those grief-stricken within the community. Assist with infant burial assistance for low-income families who have experienced the loss of an infant from 20 weeks gestational to 12 months of age.

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Increase awareness

Over the past decade, U.S. infant mortality rates have been staggering at times, but it is still a major issue many families face. We aim to increase awareness so that no one has to face such a life-altering loss.


We educate childbearing age females with the knowledge and resources to understand infant mortality and the importance of a healthy pregnancy. Through this, they are empowered to make informed life choices.


We offer financial support to mothers and their families so they feel less burdened while experiencing the loss of a child. All donations go directly to families who are suffering from the fate of infant mortality.

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We provide compassionate advice and tools to childbearing age females and their families so that they feel confident in their decision-making. Our goal is to educate every family so that, together, we can end infant and maternal mortality.

Staggering statistics

Know the facts on Infant mortality


U.S. infant mortality rates are higher than other nations0%

The mortality rate within the first 24 hours of life0%

Deaths occur within the first 72 hours of life0%

Percentage of deaths within the neonatal period0%

Deaths caused by SIDS0%

Deaths caused by SUIDS0%

U.S. infant mortality rates are 71% higher than other nations0%

In 2017 rates improved by 16% and continue to0%

Mortality rate is 40% within the first 24 hours of life0%

66% of deaths occur within the neonatal period0%

34% of infant deaths occur post neonatal period0%

15% of deaths caused by SUID0%

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