About Us

The Purpose of Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial

  • To bring awareness, educate, and combat infant and maternal mortality.
  • To provide appropriate medical care and education for mothers to have healthy pregnancies.
  • To provide mothers with resources to cope and manage from day to day after infant loss.
  • To provide proven coping techniques for mothers and families to heal mentally.
  • To provide low-income families who are unable to bury their infants with a stress-free way to lay their infant to rest. Babies that die under 30 days are not covered by all insurance policies. Funds must be provided immediately due to the reserving process for infants to be laid to rest.
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Tomeka Walker | Founder & Executive Director

Born and raised in Bessemer, Alabama, I never paid much attention to the underlying issue of infant and maternal mortality in our state until I  was faced with the death of my only child, Khairi. I soon learned of the drastic statistics that inundated our state and the underserved communities. I developed a passion like no other to help alleviate this preventative problem along with the drive that things needed to change and get better sooner rather than later. In YEAR, I created Khairi and Little Angels Memorial,  a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization to help combat infant and maternal mortality nationwide. Being a graduate of Lawson State College, Miles College, the University of Alabama Birmingham, and the University of Cincinnati, I am not a stranger to gaining education or researching current health issues in the U.S. The education and experiences that I gained gave me a keen sense of direction to start my nonprofit organization. My tenacity also allowed me to become a self-published author. I used my platform to share the stories of other mothers who have lost their infants to bring awareness to this preemptive problem. My goal is to let lawmakers and other individuals know what life is like after the loss of a child. As an infant and maternal advocate, motivational speaker, and certified childbirth educator, I am making moves to change the way things are done in the legislature and to combat one of the world’s worse crises to affect women of childbearing age.
To learn more about my story and book visit my book site to purchase volumes 1 and 2 of We Heard Your Cry here: www.weheardyourcrybook.com

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of six dedicated and supportive advocates that have an immense passion for combating infant and maternal mortality. They have specialized skills, knowledge, and experience that are needed and desired to move KLA Memorial forward with its mission. We would love to have you join our mission. You may contact us here: