Infant Burial Program

Some underserve families that are low-income are not always able to lay their infant to eternal rest. Families that have experienced the loss of an infant from 20 weeks’ gestation to 12 months of age may receive infant burial assistance from the organization. The family would need to complete an application go through the process and meet the requirements of the organization to receive assistance. We encourage families that meet the requirements for the burial program to apply. We encourage emotional and mental counseling along with attending our healing support group. The organization offers family counseling for the father and siblings. Healing support groups are very beneficial during this time in a loved one’s life. Contact the organization for more information on how to sign up.

Seek measures that will answer questions you may have about laying your little to rest.

-Infant Burial Assistance
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The world is forever changing. There are millions of families in the world that have experienced the loss of an infant or know someone that has experienced it. However, many women refuse to speak about their experiences and would like to keep it among family and close friends. It is perfectly fine for them to do so. However, it is one of the worst experiences that can happen to any parent. The loss of an infant is anything that is talked about or thought about; however, lately, it has been known to happen more often.

Similar to what a family would endure with an adult passing a family endure with an infant. The thing that makes an infant worst is that infants under 16 days are not able to receive burial insurance unless their parents have a rider policy for them. Sadly, to say but many families in the world barely have burial insurance for themselves.

The biggest issue parents encounter is the financial part to bury their infant. For many families having the funds to lay their infant down can be frustrating; especially if they are low-income, and there are no resources programs, they are aware of in their community. No family should have to endure this hardship or burden; however, many do every day, and it is devastating.

Babies that are 20 weeks gestation are to be buried or cremated at whatever funeral home or cemetery the family decides to use. The cost of a funeral for this little angel can be expensive. A funeral can start at $5000 and go up depending on the service, funeral home, and cemetery. For a family that is caught off guard, this can be a nightmare. This is why resources have to be in place for families when they experience an experience of this magnitude.