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I share my story along with those of other women I’ve met after the loss of my baby boy. Our stories are meant to bring awareness to unexpected infant death, to share how we were able to cope after our losses and for mothers in general to know they are not alone. The loss of a child is devastating and traumatizing no matter how it occurs. So, we are here to say, “We Heard Your Cry.”
The stories within not only share what some mothers endured during pregnancy but show that there is another side to pregnancy. The stories also reveal another side to parenting that no parent wants to think about. Every parent imagines their child will bury them, not that they will bury their child.

I’m hoping at least one mother or father reads these stories and learns that it is okay to question a medical professional’s opinion, or that it is okay to ask for a second opinion, or maybe even learn about an infant illness they never knew about. These things cause awareness and sharing it will help spread knowledge to others who may experience something similar. If people never speak about what they have been through, other mothers might never know that there are similar cases and that they are not alone. There are more than one million mothers and fathers who have experienced infant deaths – some more than one. If people never speak about the things that are wrong, people will continue to believe that wrong is right, when it is not. 

Having a Road Map can help maneuver through any situation no matter how hard or dark it may be.