The Importance of Childbirth Education

Many may wonder why childbirth education is important when it comes to pregnancy. What they may not realize is that childbirth education is designed to provide accurate, up-to-date, and evidence-based information about maternity care practices so women and expectant moms can make informed decisions about proper care.


How Does Childbirth Education Make a Difference?

Childbirth education has been around for over three decades with the goal being to provide women and their families with knowledge about labor and birth, and ways to deal with the challenges of labor. Women who attend childbirth classes learn:

  • The physiological process of labor and birth, and how to let labor begin on its own, without medication.
  • Freedom of movement in labor
  • The proper position for birth and the value of physiologic pushing
  • Labor support
  • Dietary restrictions on eating and drinking
  • How to avoid routine interventions like continuous electronic fetal monitoring
  • Routine use of epidurals and liberal use of episiotomy


Women who attend childbirth classes are more likely to let labor start on its own, move freely in labor, keep birth in upright positions, have natural births, have fewer routine interventions, keep their babies with them, and ultimately are less likely to have a cesarean compared to women who do not attend childbirth classes.


A study cited in the Journal of Perinatal Education stated that women who attended childbirth classes with an expanded, evidence-based, curriculum were less likely to be induced than women who gave birth in the same hospital but did not attend childbirth education classes. In other words, fewer inductions mean less risk for mom and baby.


How Does Doula Education Help with Childbirth?

Additional articles in the Journal of Perinatal Education, state that continuous labor support by a trained doula has proven benefits and is recognized as an effective strategy to improve maternal and infant health, enhance engagement and satisfaction with maternity care, and reduces spending. There have been many advocates for community-based doula programs which can reduce or eliminate health disparities by providing support to women most at risk of poor outcomes such as Hispanic and Black women. One of the most effective ways to increase the use of doulas is to eliminate cost barriers. This is why Medicaid, private insurance companies and policymakers are working to provide insurance coverage for doula care and increase access to this high-value form of care.


If you’re still unsure about the benefits of taking a childbirth education class, here are several reasons that may help your decision:

  • Gain important knowledge and confidence about pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • Lower your risk of medical interventions
  • Determine your birth preferences
  • Learn coping procedures for pain and how to signal different types of pain
  • Have a more positive birth outcome
  • Have your own personal care team
  • Learn breathing techniques and relaxation exercises
  • Access to evidence-based information to make informed decisions
  • Quicker and easier recovery
  • Connect with yourself and your partner


In-depth guides on the most popular childbirth methods are Hypnobirthing, the Bradley Method and Lamaze.


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